Frequently asked questions

What is a hurricane impact window?

Hurricane impact windows are windows that have been designed, tested, and manufactured to withstand a hurricane. Our windows are tested to withstand winds of up to 210-390 miles per hour and hurricane-damaged flying debris. These are windows that provide hurricane protection.

Do impact windows protect against theft?

The main design features of impact windows and doors are impact-resistant glass, securely attached to a heavy-duty aluminum frame.

Impact-resistant glass consists of two annealed or tempered glass layers bonded to an intermediate layer of a shatterproof membrane. This membrane is typically made from polyvinyl butyral (PVB), a plastic film whose thickness varies between 0.015 and 0.090 inches, depending on the required design pressures. The broken pieces stick to the PVB film if the outer glass is broken.

In contrast, standard glass windows are made from standard float glass that will fracture into large, sharp fragments when broken. Given these characteristics, it is challenging for any intruder to enter a house through an opening with impact-resistant glass.

Do impact windows reduce noise?

Impact-resistant windows and doors help reduce exterior noise scientifically. Homeowner testimonials confirm that impact-resistant glass goes a long way toward bringing peace to the interior of the home or property. For people who live near busy intersections, highways, or heavy traffic, installing windows and doors has proven an effective noise abatement solution.

Can impact windows improve energy efficiency?

Impact windows and doors are constructed with a heavy-duty aluminum frame with double glazing, making the windows much more energy efficient. In addition, impact windows provide excellent insulation capacity, helping to isolate interior spaces from outdoor weather changes and contributing to significant savings in utility bills.


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